Ali Asgar: Started loving my profession all over again due to lockdown

Mumbai, Feb 3 : Actor-comedian Ali Asgar has started loving his job all over again after lockdown. He says he has started giving more value to his work after sitting idle at home for almost a year.

“It was unexpected and nobody ever thought of a word called ‘lockdown’ would enter our lives. It was quite difficult in the beginning, thinking about what will happen over the next few days, but after a few days we all got used to it. We started talking with our family and friends over the phone. I think our country has managed this pandemic really well and because of that today we are standing next to each other. If you see in the European countries, the situation is still not pleasant but I hope and pray that everything becomes normal over there, too,” Asgar told IANS.

“As an actor, we didn’t know what was going to happen in the next one year. I feel I started loving my profession all over again during lockdown because I have started giving value to things like going to a set, discussing with your director, (having) fun with co-actors and performing scenes and entertaining the audience. I missed these things. I thank God he made me an actor and I want to continue doing my work till my last breath because I don’t know anything apart from this,” he added.

Asked how much longer the entertainment industry would take to start normalise activities, Asgar said: “It will take some time. Fortunately, we have started our work. People still have fear in their minds to step out of their houses and I would urge them that they shouldn’t take things lightly. They should still wear face masks, sanitise and follow social distancing norms till the time this deadly disease (Covid-19) goes away.”

Disclaimer: This story is auto-generated from IANS service.