‘Alexa’ less preferred baby name after Amazon took it

Seattle: Calling out to your little girl Alexa and having Amazon’s smart speaker respond is not something which the modern parents are in favour of. The incidence of newborn girls named Alexa has dropped since 2015 when Amazon’s voice speaker Echo was first introduced.

According to statistics, 6,050 baby girls were named Alexa in 2015. Now, the Social Security Administration statistics reveal that 33 percent fewer parents, which translates to 3,883, named their newborn girls Alexa in 2017, Recode reports.

This indicates a drop from 311 of every 100,000 baby girls in 2015 to 207 per 100,000 newborn girls in 2017.

In comparison, Apple’s Siri was not that popular a name in the US as only 120 newborn girls were named Siri when the company introduced the virtual assistant on iPhones in 2011. Last year, the figure was only 20, or about 1 per every 100,000. (ANI)