Alcon introduces DAILIES TOTAL1® water gradient contact lenses

Mumbai: Do your eyes often feel tired or do your contact lenses feel dry at the end of your long day? A new era of eye comfort is now within reach thanks to the new DAILIES TOTAL1® water gradient contact lenses.

These unique daily disposable contact lenses were launched today by Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis. The lenses have a built-in ‘water gradient,’ an engineering breakthrough that helps make them so comfortable, nine out of ten DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lens wearers agreed that the lens is so comfortable they didn’t feel anything.

Discomfort is a common complaint among contact lens wearers – 44 percent of all contact lens wearers experience discomfort, dryness or red eyes. Discomfort, at 48 percent, is the number one reason cited for discontinuing the use of contact lenses.6 This statistic is important considering 31 percent of contact lens wearers in the Asia/Pacific Rim alone stop wearing their contact lenses each year.

People also lead busy lives – the average consumer spends more than 16 hours per day on all kind of activities – work, household chores, caring for others, or leisure activities – leaving no room for a contact lens that is uncomfortable.

Survey results showed that contact lens wearers preferred DAILIES TOTAL1 water gradient contact lens over their regular brand by a ratio of 13 to 118. The survey results also showed that:

•85 percent of subjects said DAILIES TOTAL1 water gradient contact lenses felt comfortable at the end of the day

•93 percent of subjects said that their vision felt clear at the end of the day after wearing all day17

“DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses truly offer consumers a remarkable wearing experience – once you try them on the eye, you’ll realize the difference,” said Panchali Upadhaya, Country Business Unit Head – Vision Care from Alcon India. “They are the contact lenses you actually can’t feel when wearing them and they maintain that high level of comfort all day. DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses can easily stand up to the test of very long days.”

During a clinical study, patients rated DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses an average of 9.6 out of 10 for insertion comfort, and 9.2 out of 10 for end-of-day comfort. DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses are specifically designed to address contact lens discomfort – they have the highest surface lubricity (or smoothness) and the highest breathability (or oxygen transmissibility) of any leading daily disposable contact lens,3 delivering exceptional comfort that lasts all day.

“Our R&D Team developed DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses with two main goals in mind: reduce friction with the delicate tissues of the eye and provide the same level of comfort at the end of the day as when the lenses are first inserted into the eye that morning,” said Dr. Arindam Dey, Head of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, Alcon India. “Thanks to a totally new approach to contact lens comfort, our development teams were able to deliver these high-performing, water gradient contact lenses, which are designed to meet the needs of wearers’ demanding lifestyles in today’s world.”

Water Gradient Difference

The water gradient of DAILIES TOTAL1contact lenses has a water content that transitions from 33 percent at the core to over 80 percent at the surface; approaching 100 percent at the outermost surface.1,2. They maintain 100 percent of initial lubricity (‘wettability’), even after a full day of wear.

The human eye blinks about 14,000 times per day, meaning the eyelid slides over the front of the cornea (and the contact lenses) roughly once every six seconds. Lubricity helps to minimize friction with the delicate tissues of the eye and at the surface of DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses, the lubricity reduces this friction and helps provide the breakthrough comfort of the lens.

Maximizing the flow of oxygen

DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses are made out of the material, delefilcon A, used because of the high amount of oxygen it allows through to the eye. Eyes need oxygen to stay healthy. Without enough oxygen, eyes can experience such symptoms as end-of-day discomfort, dryness and redness. In addition, the water gradient, with a lower (33 percent) water content at the core of the lens than at the surface, enables more oxygen to flow through the lens, which is important for healthy contact lens wear. DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses offer the highest oxygen transmissibility of any daily disposable contact lens on the market. (ANI)