Alarming increase in wine, drug addiction among youths, issue raised in TS Assembly

Hyderabad: Opposition members of Telangana expressed their anxiety in Assembly on the issue of many youths becoming addicted to wines and drugs. On 31st October, BJP members recorded their protest by staging walk out from the Assembly alleging the Govt. that it is raising income through Excise Dept. by making wine available everywhere.

BJP and TDP members told the Assembly that many school and college students are getting addicted to wine and drugs. TDP MLA Mr. R. Krishnaiah demanded the Govt. to introduce prohibition gradually. He mentioned that students are getting addicted to intoxication since wine and drugs are easily available. He opposed granting licenses to wine shops near educational institutions.

Mr. Kishan Reddy, BJP MLA told that a survey indicated that 39000 students have become addicts. There are reports that in some institutions, teachers and students organized wine parties. He suggested that in every Assembly Constituency survey should be made to collect information. He mentioned that through the sale of wine, Rs. 30-40 thousand crore business is transacted. In wine business, Telangana superseded UP. He also informed that the students are being attracted by offering free bottles of Pepsi.

Interrupting the discussions, Home Minister, Mr. Narasimha Reddy questioned whether prohibition is being implemented in BJP ruled states. He pointed out that when the sale of wine is rampant in BJP ruled states, why is then only Telangana targeted? He advised Mr. Kishan Reddy to get orders from Mr. Narendra Modi in favour of prohibition.

Mr. Kishan Reddy told that it is not a political issue rather a social one. Due to excessive consumption of wine and drugs, younger generation is causing many accidents. He suggested the Govt. to impose a ban on sale of wine instead of generating income.

–Siasat News