Alabama Tornadoes: Death toll rises to 23

Washington: At least 23 people were killed after a series of tornadoes hit Alabama and Georgia on Sunday.

“The victims including children died in Lee County. At least 12 of those deaths occurred in an area about five to six miles south of the city of Opelika,” CNN quoted Sheriff Jay Jones, as saying.

“US President Donald Trump also expressed his solidarity to the victims in a tweet saying, ”To the great people of Alabama and surrounding areas: Please be careful and safe. Tornadoes and storms were truly violent and more could be coming. To the families and friends of the victims, and to the injured, God bless you all!”.

Meanwhile, injured have been taken to East Alabama Medical Center.

According to the authorities, the scores of houses and buildings have also suffered significant damage.

“In Talbotton, Georgia, at least 15 structures were destroyed in a tornado on Sunday, including multiple homes and at least one apartment building,” said Leigh Ann Erenheim, the emergency management director for Talbot County.

Authorities in the region are continuously providing search and rescue operations for the people stuck in the tornado.

CNN Meteorologist Gene Norman, two tornadoes touched down Lee County back-to-back within the span of one hour on Sunday afternoon.