Al-Shabaab terrorists kill 3 teachers in Kenya

Nairobi: At least three teachers have been killed after terrorists belonging to the Somali-based al-Shabaab group attacked a primary school in northeastern Kenya.

Anadolu Agency quoted a senior police officer from the area as saying, “We’re not sure what their motive was, but they attacked the school early in the morning, killing three teachers and wounding a couple of others, who are suffering from gunshot wounds.”

The al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group operating in the Horn of Africa is said to have entered the Qarsa school in Wajir County on Friday through the porous Kenya-Somali border.

“I can confirm that one of our vehicles that was responding to the attack was partly hit by an IED that had been buried along the route by the group, but all our officers are in good condition,” local media quoted Wajir County police commander Mohamed Sheikh as saying. (ANI)