Al-Baik’s success revealed! Know the secret behind the fame

‘Al-Baik’ the famous food chain spread across the world, has enormous numbers of customers, visitors who are crazy about its this unique chicken.

Well, we don’t have to introduce you to this famous food chain and its enormous success where people line up for hours to get their parcel. But ever wondered why exactly is that so? Are there no other chicken food chains or is Al-Baik the only food chain that has the best ingredients and tastiest chicken?

But today, we are happy to let you know the reason behind this enormous success of Al-Baik and that is the simplest generous act of ‘charity’.

Yes, you heard it right- ‘Charity’. This one selfless act sworn by the owner of Al-Baik when he started the business led to his legendary success.

It has now been revealed that Al-Baik’s owner has sworn to give ‘One riyal’ charity on each sale and has been doing the charity since he founded the business.

Only recently it was revealed to his children and they have now decided to follow the footsteps of their father who gave charity on each sale but instead of their father’s one riyal charity the sons have now decided to give away two royals of charity on each sale.

Charity opens doors to success as promised by our Lord Allah (SWT). Pure intentions and will to please your Lord, by all means, is one of the basic compulsions in Islam along with being a ‘Sunnah of our Prophet (SAW)’.

Giving charity to please Allah will not only open doors to success in this world but will also open doors to Jannah in the here after and above all there is our Lord’s promise to the mankind, not even one selfless act will go unrewarded.