Akun Sabharwal asserts all principles of law being followed in drug trafficking probe

Hyderabad: Director of Excise & Prohibition Enforcement Directorate Akun Sabharwal on Monday asserted that Supreme Court guidelines and all principles of law are being followed in the investigations into the drug scandal.
Obviously reacting to actress Charmee Kaur’s allegations in the petition filed in the High Court regarding the method being followed in the investigation, Akun Sabharwal refuted the charge that the SIT was not following the guidelines of the Supreme Court in dealing with the drug scandal. He asserted that blood, hair and nail samples were collected from those interrogated only after receiving written consent. He also said that lady officers were present during interrogation.
Akun Sabharwal further said the interrogations were being videographed and the same would be produced before the court after completion of the investigation. He pointed out that possession, consumption and storing of narcotics substances was a grave crime as per the law. So far, seven cases were registered in connection with the drug racket and that 19 persons were arrested so far. As many as 27 persons were questioned in this affair, he explained.
Akun Sabharwal reiterated that the question of revealing the names of students identified for using the drugs would not be revealed under any circumstances as they are all minors and in their own interest. He also regretted that some persons moving the High Court on false presumptions. The investigations are being done with the cooperation of narcotics, intelligence and police authorities. Four teams were conducting interrogation in conformity with all relevant rules and procedures, he added.
Excise Commissioner Chandravadan refuted the allegation that a particular section was being targeted in the drug trafficking case. Various sections of people were being questioned in the matter with impartiality and in conformity with rules as per the law. (NSS)