Akshay says Toronto is his home, what if Shah/Khans had told the same

MUMBAI: A video of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar revealing his future plans about settling in Toronto is going viral on social media platforms.

In the 18 second video, though we are not sure when it was taken, the Khalidi actor can be seen telling the Canadian audience that Toronto is his home.

Akshay is heard saying, “I must tell you one thing. This is my home. Toronto is my home. After I retire from this industry, I am going to come back here.”

Watch the video here:


The actor is known for his patriotic movies and social projects and has also extended his support for government schemes and policies.

Twitter users are accusing him of making false allegations of patriotism and making money by selling patriotism whereas actorNaseeruddin Shah is being termed as a traitor, who has not said anything.

Not just netizens but many journalists and reporters are also slamming him left and right for his controversial statements.

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Journalist Saurabh Shukla while sharing the video, wrote, “If this was said by a Khan or Shah, then Bhakts and BJP ministers would have declared them a traitor.” Shukla also tagged Anupam Kher on Twitter and asked him Ponder over Akshay’s comments.

Journalist Abhigyan Prakash tweeted asking “Is Liye Bawaaal Nahi ho Raha Kyonki Akshay Kumar BJP sympathiser Honge…Saurabh Sir Pata Kariye kya yeh Sach hai (if Akshay was not facing any criticism because he was a BJP sympathiser)”.

Have a look at the comments of people from social media :



Award-winning veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has courted controversy with his views on the rising mob violence in the country, finds it strange that something he voiced as a “worried Indian” has caused a hullabaloo.

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