How ‘Akira’ fever is helping Mumbai students stay safe

NEW DELHI: Looks like the college-going youth is very impressed by Sonakshi Sinha’s explosive action avatar in her upcoming film ‘Akira.’

Taking inspiration from the trailer, the youth of a popular college in Mumbai decided to run a self-defense workshop on their campus, which was kicked off by the Dabangg girl.

In an interactive session with students, the 29-year-old actress exchanged tips of basic self-defence techniques and talked about what all should be included in the workshop.

Sonakshi also showed the moves from the training that she received for action scenes in ‘Akira,’ reports the Deccan Chronicle.

“It is so cool that the college have decided introduce self-defence workshops. I’m so happy and excited. It’s one small step for us and a big step for everybody. I am thrilled that my film Akira has been able to make a difference and urged them in this direction,” she said while launching the campaign.

Presented by Fox Star Studios, ‘Akira’ will hit the theatres on September 2, 2016.