Akhilesh writes to Modi for financial help for farmers

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi for early release of Rs.4,741 crore from the National Disaster Relief Fund (NDRF) for farmers who suffered hailstorm damage to crops in 2015.

The chief minister has in a letter drawn Modi’s attention to various points with regard to his request for an early release of the pending amount and said large-scale damage was caused to the crops by the hailstorm and inclement weather.

Yadav has pointed out to Modi that union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiran Rijuzu in a letter on October 21, 2015, informed him that the NDRF released Rs.2,801 crore in relief it would not be possible to give any other amount.

Yadav said the state government in its memorandum had expected funds under heads like re-construction and medium preparations that were out of the purview of the NDRF and SDRF guidelines.

Owing to the hailstorm in 2015, a memorandum of Rs.7,543 crore was sent to the central government, the chief minister recalled and stressed that no other funds were sought. The downsized funds would not be acceptable, he added.

Yadav in his letter to Modi also mentioned that after the hailstorm, more than 50 districts of the state are facing famine due to poor and scanty rainfall. This makes it important that the remaining funds be released at the earliest.

— Indo-Asian News Service