Akbar urges “beautiful KCR” to beautify farmers

Describing Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao as a ‘beautiful farmer’, MIM Floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi today asked the TRS government to take the responsibility of making the farmers of State as ‘beautiful farmers’.

Participating in the discussion on farmers’ suicides in the Assembly here on Tuesday, Akbaruddin stated the Assembly was discussing farmers suicides every year and wished all political parties to strive to stop the farmers suicides. Alleging that the TRS government was not taking farmers’ suicides seriously, he said several farmers’ families were in debts.

Finding fault with the Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy’s statement on farmers’ suicides, Akbaruddin alleged that the government’s attitude was similar to the responsibility of farmers’ suicides of ‘rain god’. He cornered the ministers questioning what they were doing by staying in Hyderabad. He questioned the Ministers as to why they were not visiting the fields. He stated that the farmers’ suicides were more in Ministers’ constituencies only.

Akbaruddin revealed the list of suicides in Ministers’ constituencies—KT Rama Rao (Sricilla) 18 farmers, Etela Rajender (Huzurarabad) 15 farmers, Laxma Reddy (Jadcharla) 15, T Harish Rao (Siddipet) 11, Chandulal (Dornakal) 12, Jogu Ramanna (Adilabad district) 10, T Mahender Reddy (Rangareddy district) 10 farmers were committed suicides. He alleged that the farmers’ suicides were more in Chief Minister’s constituency after formation of separate Telangana State. He alleged that 34 farmers were committed suicides in Medak district.

Finding fault with the TRS government in regard to farmers’ suicides, Akbaruddin said that he will praise the TRS government in case it gives and assurance that not a single farmers would commit suicide from tomorrow onwards. He alleged that the TRS government was trying to escape from the farmers’ suicides issue by throwing the reason on previous governments. He alleged that the government’s attitude was atrocious towards Kisan Cards. He alleged that the government issued only 8,000 farmers as lakhs of farmers applied for Kisan Cards.

Alleging that the people here were laughing as the farmers were committing suicides in districts, Akbaruddin questioned the government as to why it was not announcing drought hit mandals list while chanting that the Telangana State was rich one.

At this juncture, Panchayatraj Minister KT Rama Rao asked Akbaruddin to speak strait away. Responding to it, Akbaruddin questioned KT Rama Rao to tell as to what he was not spoken in strait manner. Then KTR said that Akbaruddin stated that the Ministers were laughing and media was observing it. “What is this”, he questioned and said that it was not correct on the part of Akbaruddin to speak in insulting manner towards ruling party members. “It is not correct to Akbaruddin to say that the ruling party members are not serious about farmers’ suicide issue. The government is serious on farmers’ suicides issue”, KTR said adding the government will take opposition parties suggestions into consideration.

Reacting to KTR’s speech, Akbaruddin said that KTR pursued education in America and it was good to him to tell his advises to his party members. (NSS)