Akbar Owaisi wants CCTV cameras fitted in police stations

Hyderabad: MIM Floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi has demanded that the State government install CCTV Cameras in police stations first to know the work nature of the police men.
Participating in the discussion on budget on Saturday in the Assembly, Akbaruddin said the police approached him for funds to install CCTV cameras in Old City. “I said OK. I will give the funds in two to three phases…but before installing the CCTV Cameras in Old City, I asked the police to install them in Police stations first. After that no police has approached me for funds”, he stated.
Akbar said the police have to improve their duties first. Finding fault with the government for not streamlining the Traffic problems in the city, Akbar said the police left the traffic to the wind and concentrating on cutting the penalty slips on two-wheeler riders. He asked the government to initiate steps to curb the traffic problems in the Hyderabad City. (NSS)