AIUDF helped BJP in Assam as the local party did in Maharashtra

Hyderabad: Political observers are worried that how far the political parties representing the Muslims are useful for the community. The results of Assam Assembly poll have worried the Muslim organizations and its leaders. It was predicted that All India United Democratic Front is indirectly helping BJP. It came true. These apprehensions were being meant for quite some time that AIUDF has also become a tool in the hands of BJP like the local political party which contested in 24 constituencies in Maharashtra. The votes polled in support of this local party are 0.93%. It was successful in two Assembly constituencies but its effect was felt in the entire Maharashtra where secular votes were divided on communal lines. In the same manner, AIUDF contributed for the success of BJP in Assam. If the division of votes is reviewed, it would become evident that Congress and AIUDF polled more than 44% votes whereas BJP got only 29.5% votes and it was successful in resuming power. Further analysis of the votes polled reveals that Congress got 31% votes whereas AIUDF polled 13% votes, the other parties like AGP 8.1% votes.

Political observers had predicted that if secular front is not formed in Assam, BJP would benefit. The local political party of Hyderabad refused to contest elections in Assam saying that the “leadership of Ajmal Bhai” is present in Assam. Badruddin Ajmal’s party got 13 seats whereas it had contested 71 seats.

Muslim political leaders are of the opinion for petty benefits and interests, Muslim political parties are indulging in the division of votes in a democratic manner.

–Siasat News