Airport Authority Employees’ Union demands revocation of fire staff’s ‘mass’ transfer, warns of stir

New Delhi: The Airport Authority Employees’ Union (AAEU) on Saturday demanded revoking of “mass transfer order of fire staff” in the name of “discipline and overstay”, while warning of an agitation on Tuesday if the authority failed to comply with their demand.

In a letter to the HR member, AAI, AAEU general secretary Balraj Singh Ahlawat said, “Ignoring our request, the General Manager (G.M.), Fire, issued a reminder on March 14, resultant a very big transfer list of fire staff has been issued in Western Region, badly affecting many of the fire staff and their families. In other regions also, a process has started even after issuance of routine transfers list, which creates resentments in the fire staff working very honestly day and night. A copy of the letter by Ahmedabad employees is attached for your ready reference.”

“GM (Fire) issued one more letter giving subject ‘Consumption of intoxicating drinks’, which is an attempt to defame and insult of all the sire staff of AAl. This letter is unnecessary and the union condemns this letter. And, while condemning the letter, the union fear that if fire staff also start insulting the GM (Fire), that will be an unfortunate situation,” he added.

“With regard to above mentioned letter of the GM (Fire), it is submitted that as per general guidelines in AAI transfer policy ‘except in case where operation and administrative reason warrants transfer shall normally be avoided’; whenever operational requirements arises, the union never came in between; if any employee creating administrative problem, the management always has the power to take suitable action against him; authentically, it is stated that at present most of the fire staff are not even habitual of smoking, and therefore, the complaint of an individual should be dealt individually and not in general; the union will always cooperate with the management to fulfil the operational requirements and in maintain discipline, but insulting and punishing the fire staff by the GM (Fire) at his will shall not be tolerated,” said Ahlawat.

“Therefore, we request your good office to slop the implementation of over stay letter dated June 2 and advise the GM (Fire) to withdraw the letter subject ‘Consumption of intoxicating drink’. Both the letters by the GM (Fire) are without the discussion with the recognised union and without the approval of competent authority are bad in law, illegal and unjustified. Employees are harassed by transferring popular to popular stations violating the transfer guidelines and the code of discipline

“Therefore, in order to protest against the wrong doing of the management and to protect the self-respect of the fire staff, the union is forced to start the agitationn from July 12 in the form of lunching an hour demonstration to the withdrawal of the GM (Fre) letter. We hope the Management of AAI Will not force the union for further escalation of agitation,” he added. (ANI)