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Air pollution could cause Asthma upto three generations

Air pollution could cause Asthma upto three generations

Hyderabad: Pure and clean air is always refreshing to the body and mind but the same, if turned polluted, could cause serious issues causing nerve damage and neurodegenerative diseases.

Air Pollution in Hyderabad has increased drastically in the past few years and now it is taking a toll on health. According to the Neurologists, this is the reason Hyderabad city dwellers feel drained by the end of the day. The airborne lead particles released by oil refineries are particularly harmful to the human body when inhaled.

Neurosurgeon Dr Rahul Nath says, “When you breathe in harmful chemicals throughout the day, the brain cannot repair its nerves. It requires clean energy to carry out any function. Toxic gases such as nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, if inhaled, eventually reach the brain and have a harmful effect on the cells. If the cells fail to regenerate, then this results in neurodegenerative diseases.”

Harmful effects of Air Pollution are known to cause genetic abnormalities in children.
According to a recent study on Polluted air, it was revealed that excessive pollution can cause asthma up to three generations of the offspring.

Gynecologists explains this happens because the mother generates the immune cells of the foetus, and these cell play a very prominent role in lung related diseases.

Gynecologists Sasikala Kola, says, “The air that a mother breathes dictates foetal development. If the mother is exposed to more pollutants, it could lead to the translocation of genetic material.”
If pregnant women are exposed to polluted air, it could directly effect on the foetus, with babies being born with lower birth weights.

Gynaecologist Dr Vimme Bhindra says, “We see more low weight babies and premature deliveries in urban areas. This could be because of the fumes that the mothers inhale during pregnancy.”

Doctors emphasis on the importance of breathing clean air for pregnant mothers during the first trimester which ensures proper growth of the foetus which if ignored can cause serious complications in future.