Air India pilot grounded for 3 months after failing alcohol test

New Delhi: An Air India pilot has been grounded for three months after he tested positive in a pre-flight breath analyser (BA) test here on Saturday.

The pilot wanted to fly as a passenger from Delhi to Bengaluru. Since the flight was full, he requested to fly in the cockpit as an additional crew member.

Air India allows cockpit staff to fly in an emergency situation but the crew is needed to go through the mandatory breath analyser test which the pilot failed.

“As per DGCA rules Pilot of Air India has been suspended for three months,” an Air India official told ANI.

The pilot was deplaned after he failed the test and the matter was reported to the Director General of Civil Aviation.

Sources in DGCA said that the suspended employee was a senior Airbus A320 pilot and should have been aware of all the rules of flying.

“The pilot has been grounded for three months, there is no compromise with safety,” the source added.