Air India pilot fined Rs 2.4 lakh for lifting sunglasses from duty-free shop

The Air India pilot was fined Rs 2.4 lakh for purportedly lifting a pair of sunglasses from a duty-free shop at the Mumbai airport on Thursday.

A senior Air India pilot was operating a flight between Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, at a duty-free shop he kept one of the sunglasses in his pocket and flew back to Mumbai. The officials at the duty-free shop confronted the pilot.

A co-pilot said there was some misunderstanding.
“The pilot had bought two sunglasses and accidentally took away a third one. He agreed to pay the penalty,” he said.

The sunglasses worth Rs 24,000 and he is asked to pay a penalty of Rs 2.4 lakh, 10 times the cost of the item.