Air hostess death: Viscera report confirms alcohol in blood

New Delhi: The viscera report of flight attendant Anissia Batra has pointed out that she was under the influence of alcohol when she allegedly committed suicide in July this year.

The Regional Forensic Science Laboratory in its report has confirmed the 298mg/100ml quantity of alcohol in Batra’s blood sample.

The Crime Branch has, however, emphasized that the findings of the report will make no difference in the investigation.

On July 13, the Delhi-based air hostess had allegedly jumped off the terrace of her house after a heated argument with her husband Mayank Singhvi.

Before her death, she had reportedly sent a message to her friend on WhatsApp, stating that she was allegedly locked up in a room by Singhvi. Batra had also asked her friend to inform the police about it. Subsequently, the police arrested Batra’s husband.