AIMPLB’s request to withdraw Triple Talaq bill surprising: BJP

New Delhi [India]: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday, while responding to the All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s (AIMPLB) request to withdraw the Triple Talaq Bill, said the proposal put forth was “surprising”, adding that the Centre is merely seeking enforcement of the Supreme Court’s order.

“It is very surprising that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has asked for the Triple Talaq bill to be withdrawn. The practice of Talaq-e-bidat is something that destroys the structure of the family. Blame is placed without knowing who is at fault and is used as a way to escape maintaining a family life. There is nothing absurd about this bill; the Centre is seeking enforcement of the Supreme Court’s judgement,” BJP leader Meenakshi Lekhi told ANI.

On the other hand, BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain questioned why the board did not put forth any representation when they were first approached regarding the matter.

“When the government approached the AIMPLB initially, they did not want to put forth any representation. Now, all of a sudden, why are they opposing it? If they wanted to be represented, they should have done so before itself,” he said.

The AIMPLB on Sunday requested the Central Government to withdraw and withhold the Triple Talaq bill.

While addressing a press briefing in Lucknow, AIMPLB’s Sajjad Nomani while requesting withdrawal of the bill also accused the Centre of not following the laid procedure in drafting the bill.

“No procedure was followed in drafting this bill; neither was any stakeholder consulted,” said Nomani.

AIMPLB also claimed the Bill was against women and children, and if implemented, would destroy many families. (ANI)