AIMPLB to fightback proposed ban on Tripple Talaq in SC

The AIMPLB on Saturday decided to oppose any move to scrap triple talaq and the Shayara Bano case which had called it unconstitutional in the Supreme Court.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on Saturday alleged that attempts are being made to “interfere” in Shariat laws through courts and appealed to the central government to maintain its earlier stand on the matter.

The Supreme Court late last month agreed to hear AIMPLB’s argument against the top court going into the validity of Muslim personal law — which allows triple talaq, polygamy, and imposes certain restrictions on Muslim women in case of remarriage.

In 1985 Shah Bano Begum, a Muslim woman, became the first to win the right to seek maintenance from her husband after he abandoned her and her children to marry another woman.

Muslim Personal Law states the husband has to provide for the wife for three months or until three menstrual cycles after which the wife has to fend for herself and her children. While the Supreme Court went against this rule by passing a judgement in favour of Shah Bano’s demand for life time maintenance,

Thirty years later, Shayara Banu from Uttarakhand has filed a similar petition in court pleading the oral talaq system and polygamy be abolished.

The apex court had also initiated suo motu proceedings to examine the need for protecting the rights of all Muslim women. AIMPLB is all set to become a party to the case.

“The SC has accepted the board as a party in the case. Now, the board will seek a similar intervention in the Shayara Bano case,” said lawyer Zafaryab Jilani.