AIMMO urges govt to fulfill promise of 12% quota to Muslims

The All India Muslim Minority Organisation (AIMMO) has demanded that the Telangana government fulfill its promise of providing 12% reservation to Muslims in the State, safeguard Waqf properties and initiate stern action against land grabbers.

Addressing the media here today, Syed Muqtar Hussain, Chairman, AIMMO and M.A. Siddiqui, former member of the AP State Minority Commission reminded Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao about his assurance on reservation and pointed out that nothing has been done on this front in the last four years. They demanded 12% reservation to Muslims in all categories like education, employment, political for the uplift of the Muslim Minorities.
They also wanted 12% reservation on the basis of population, social and political conditions by amending the Constitution for the benefit of poor Muslim community. They also urged the government to allot 100 yards house plot to each family and construct a housing colony. They also urged the government to provide loans from Telangana State Minority Finance corporation for the unemployed educated persons. (NSS)