AIMIM Owaisi puts onus on BJP-PDP Govt to restore normalcy in Valley

HYDERABAD: Calling on the BJP-PDP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir to restore normalcy in the Kashmir Valley, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday said the cycle of violence has to end and it is the responsibility of the state government to take all necessary steps.

“Ex-RAW chief A.S. Dulat, said South Kashmir which was the bastion of the PDP is now a liberated zone. The government is not doing anything. Dulat said that this government talks about Vajpayee, but it does not implement what Vajpayee had done. As a prime minister, he had initiated talks with everyone, including separatists,” Owaisi told media here.

Owaisi asserted that dialogue is the only way forward.

“All the opposition parties have come together and supported the government that we are with you…please take steps to bring back normalcy. I would reiterate the same thing which was said in the all-party meeting that the government must take all the steps, speak to all the stakeholders,” he added.

The AIMIM chief stated the BJP-PDP in their agenda had said that it would talk to the separatists.

“The situation has to be brought back to normalcy. Killings have to stop. Pellet guns should not be used. Today, a security personnel has been killed. So, this cycle of violence has to end and it is the responsibility of the government to take all the necessary steps,” he added.

Asserting that there is unprecedented crisis in Jammu and Kashmir, Owaisi questioned the role of the Jammu and Kashmir government.

“50 days you have curfew over there. Killings are still continuing. Today, also we lost a brave policeman. What is the Jammu and Kashmir Government doing? The Home Minister has gone twice to the Valley. But, the stakeholders have not met him. So, it is for the government to ensure that normalcy is brought back,” he added.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti earlier today asserted that if Pakistan is really concerned about the situation in the Valley, then it will try to help in fixing the crisis rather than fanning the flames.

Addressing the media here after her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his 7 RCR residence, Mufti asserted that he was extremely concerned about the situation and that he had expressed his desire to stop the bloodshed in the Valley and also ensured that the state will emerge from the crisis.

Lauding Prime Minister Modi’s approach towards Pakistan, Mufti stated that he had not only invited Nawaz Sharif for his oath taking ceremony but went to Lahore himself, but the Pathankot incident happened and ties between the two nations went downhill.

Calling out Pakistan, she added that if they have any sympathy for the people of Kashmir, then they will stop provoking the youth into attacking security forces by saying that it will solve the unrest in the Valley.

Invoking former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Mufti stated that during his regime, talks with Pakistan and the Hurriyat were a common affair because of which, the situation in Kashmir was somewhat neutralised.

Appearing to be visibly moved when talking about the rising death toll in the Valley, which mostly comprises of youths and minors, Mufti said that the very kids who had supported her during her campaign days, were now being used against her.

Defending the curfew which has now entered its 50th day, the Chief Minister said that the purpose of imposing restrictions was to save the lives of the locals and the children.

She further asserted that the separatists must come forward and help the state government in figuring out a solution to the Kashmir unrest.

Talking about the all party delegation which is to head to Kashmir to discuss the unrest, she said that developments on the meeting will begin in almost a week’s time.

Meanwhile, the situation in the Valley continued to be grim as a police constable was shot dead by terrorists in Pulwama District today.

Normal life in Kashmir Valley remained paralysed as curfew and shutdown continued for the 50th consecutive day today in the wake of violence following the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani last month.

All educational institutions, shops, public transport and other businesses are closed since July 9.

Earlier, authorities arrested several top separatist leaders and extended curfew to large parts of the Valley to foil a separatists’ march in Srinagar.

The death toll in the valley reached 67 on Friday, as another youth succumbed to his injuries in clashes that broke out between security forces and the locals in Pulwama district.