Ailing woman left in graveyard

Chirala: In a shocking and disturbing incident here on Sunday, people found an ailing woman abandoned by her kin in a graveyard. As the news spread out on HMTV, some of her colleagues reached the cemetery and shifted her to a better place.

The woman, Sujatha, was a worker in a tea shop near Gadiyara Sthambham centre in Chirala and lived in LBS Nagar. She gave away a plot she bought with her money to her brothers a few years ago as she does not have children. But when she fell ill a few days and was admitted to government hospital a few days ago.

After numerous requests, her brothers arrived at the local government hospital.

The doctors found her situation critical and informed that the relatives on Saturday that she may not survive for more than a couple of days and advised them to take her home and keep her happy at least in the last few hours. However, her brothers informed the doctors that they would bring an auto but disappeared.

The hospital staff, after a long wait, called up her brothers, but they failed to turn up.

Although, her distant relatives arrived at the hospital but they were reluctant to take her home and deserted her near a temple at Gadiyara Sthambham centre. However, by Sunday morning, she was found in the cemetery near Lutheran Church in Andhra Ratna road. Locals say some rikshaw pullers left her in the graveyard.

After getting to know about plight of an abandoned woman through HMTV news coverage, some of her colleagues reached the spot and took her along with them.

Robert, who works for a church lamented “The staff in the government hospitals are fleecing poor and deprived for money. It was shameful on the part of her brothers who deserted her which is an inhuman act.”

Courtesy: Hans India