AIIMS, RDA condemns PM Modi’s remarks on Medical fraternity in London

New Delhi: PM Modi’s recent remarks on the alleged connection between Pharmaceutical companies and Indian doctors in London last week has irked the AIIMS Resident Doctor’s Association(RDA) have expressed condemn on PM’s cursing while insulting Indian Medical fraternity on the international platform.

The RDA on Monday said the Indian PM used the international platform to curse his “hardworking and dedicated fraternity.”

“The RDA, AIIMS strongly condemns PM Modiji’s remark on doctors that we are getting foreign trips in reward of writing costly medicines. This is utterly shameful to generalise and paint black whole medical fraternity, that too on an international forum,” the RDA said.

The RDA said India’s medical fraternity has received immense respect globally for their hard work which has also reflected by nation’s medical tourism growth apart from becoming world’s largest exporters of pharmaceutical products, but PM Modi’s recent remarks on the alleged connection of pharmaceuticals companies and medical fraternity would have huge impact on the efforts of all doctors and the entire pharmaceutical industry.

AIIMS RDA president, Harjit Singh Bhatti said: “We accept there are a few black sheep in all professions including in Modi ji’s government but you cannot generalize the corruption and make fun of doctors on an international platform. This is the first time when a prime minister of any country used the international platform to curse his hardworking and dedicated citizens.”

The AIIMS, RDA has also written to the prime minister for his remarks on international platform expressing medical fraternity’s anguish, requesting the PM to take their place as medical doctors in a government hospital to understand what these doctors have to go through on daily basis.