AIIMS doctor performs dialysis surgery on patient suffering from stomach pain

New Delhi: An utter case of medical negligence was carried out by an AIIMS doctor who wrongly performed Dialysis surgery on a 30-year-old woman who had come to the hospital after an abdominal surgery in her hometown caused health complications.

A committee has been set up to probe into the negligence carried out by the Assistant professor who is also alleged to have changed medical documents in order to cover his tracks said, officials.

The operation was carried out in February under the chairmanship of Dean Dr. Y K Gupta on the directions of AIIMS director.

A committee was formed to probe the incident — which took place in February — under the chairmanship of dean Dr Y K Gupta, on the directions of the AIIMS director. Sources said an inquiry had been ordered by the head of the related unit in the department, and that the medical superintendent has already indicted the doctor.

According to the source, the patient suffering from abdominal complications was taken into operation theatre for the medical examination under local anesthesia and “the doctor was told that the patient had complained of abdominal pain. It was only later that he realized a wrong surgery had taken place.”

The Doctor then performed the dialysis operation on the patient and created an arteriovenous (AV) fistula- a connection between the artery and vein created by Doctors artificially for use in Dialysis in people suffering from severe Kidney disease.

It was only after having the conversation with the patient did the Doctor realize the patient never suffered from kidney disease and that he had wrongly operated her for Kidney ailment said the sources.

A source claimed, “It was after the procedure took place and the doctor was talking to the patient about her medical history, that the doctor appears to have realized there had been a mistake.”

According to the preliminary report, “The patient and the attendants were counseled regarding the adverse event and a corrective procedure was carried out the next day… A wrong surgery has been performed on the patient which has not been documented in the patient records but was mentioned in the nursing report book.”

Sources said the incident was then reported to the unit head, Dr Sunil Chumber, who initiated a probe into the matter. And during the probe, it was that the Doctor did perform a “wrong surgery and had tried to cover up by changing the documents”.