AIDS Candlelight Memorial observed in Tripura

Agartala : Tripura joined the rest of the world over the weekend in observing the 33rd International AIDS Candlelight Memorial to raise HIV awareness and to remember those friends and families who have lost their battle against AIDS.

Tripura State Network of Positive People organised a candlelight rally by calling upon all stakeholders to join the fight against HIV/AIDS, celebrating the day with this year’s theme ‘Engage, Educate, Empower’.

“On this day, we are remembering all those who have died due to infection by AIDS and this the 33rd year of worldwide celebration in which our state Tripura has also joined. We are organising this rally to all those who died,” said Dr Tapan Das, the organiser of Sunday’s candlelight rally.

“On date in Tripura all total 1777 people have been found infected by HIV since the first case in the state was detected back in 1999,” he added.

The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial is much more than just a memorial, rather it serves as a community mobilization campaign to raise social consciousness about HIV and AIDS.

With 33 million people living with HIV today, the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial serves as an important intervention for global solidarity, breaking down barriers of stigma and discrimination, and giving hope to new generations.

Historically, the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial was started by people living with HIV “to give a face to the epidemic”.

Today, coordinating organizations are diverse and include networks and organisations of people living with HIV and other key populations, affected families and communities, as well as women organizations, service organizations, academic institutions, health-care facilities, faith-based groups, businesses, media, and more. (ANI)