With the aid of BJP leaders, woman confines daughter for 2-years over relationship with Muslim

Thiruvananthapuram: A 24-year-old Kerala woman held captive for two years by her mother for allegedly having an affair with a Muslim youth was rescued on May 1.

The girl, named Anjali Prakash and her mother Vineetha were residents of Guruvayur, Thrissur. Anjali alleged Vineetha, with the aid of BJP leaders confined her for two years in a rented house in Karnataka’s Mangaluru.

The incident came to light Saturday after her boyfriend Nalakath Manas sent the video to police and media channels in which Anjali narrated the ordeal and blamed her mother for her condition.

In the video released which went viral on social media, the victim said,

“I have no means to escape. If anything happens to me tomorrow, my mother would be responsible for it. I have suffered enough in the last two years for having loved a Muslim. I have been admitted to Amrita hospital for mental treatment for two months,” Indian express quoted Anjali as saying.

Anjali alleges mother received help from RSS, BJP.

“After that, for another two months, I have been at an orphanage run by RSS. I have been here in Manguluru for last several months. There is full support from BJP…I have suffered enough. I am not allowed to go out. I am languishing in this situation as none has intervened to save me,” Anjali is heard saying in the video.

The police arrested Vineetha and are currently probing the involvement of the BJP leaders.

In 2016, Vineetha learned about her daughter’s affair with her childhood friend Manas, 28, who runs a poultry farm after which the family tortured her.

“Her father died a few years ago. When her mother learnt about our relationship, she thrashed her and shifted her to a hospital in Kochi. There was no communication until two months ago when she contacted me on a cellphone. She sent me a video that I passed on to the media. I sent a copy of the video to police and the Kerala CM’s private secretary,” Times of India quoted the victim’s boyfriend Manas, as saying.

Anjali’s aunt Jayanthi supported her story and was ready to take her custody.

“She should not be punished for loving a person of her choice. I’m ready to take her protection. She shouldn’t be left to die in her mother’s hands. She is a bright student and not a mental patient,” told Jayanthi.