This AI-enabled Chrome extension hides toxic comments to reduce your stress

California: Online is a big, bad world and not everyone can be thick skinned so as to overlook the trolls, negative comments or insults.

To make your online life slightly stress-free, a Google Chrome extension is taking the help of artificial intelligence.

The new Chrome extension, called Tune, automatically hides comments that its Perspective AI considers toxic. As Cnet reports, the tool works for comments on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Disqus.

Developed by Alphabet’s Jigsaw, Tune’s Perspective AI learns to flag negative comments from thousands of people labelling millions of posts as spam, harassment or obscene content. Once a comment is identified as toxic, Tune can adjust the visibility of such comments.

Website moderators can choose from complete silence in ‘Zen Mode’ to viewing everything without any filter. You can further choose to adjust the comment based on the site. For instance, you can choose to disable the tool for Facebook and enable it for Reddit.