Ahwazi Arabs protest in Berlin against ethnic cleansing in Iran

BERLIN: On the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the Iranian occupation of Ahwaz (20th of April 1925), Europe’s Ahwazi community held a massive protest rallies in front of Iranian embassy.

Holding banners in both Arabic and German, with slogans such as “Freedom for Ahwaz”, “Freedom for Ahwazi prisoners” and “We ask Germany to urge the Iranian regime to free Ahwazi prisoners,” hundreds of Ahwazi Arab diaspora and their allies demonstrated in front of Iranian embassy on Friday of October 20.

Protesting against the growing Iranian aggression against the Arab people of Ahwaz, the demonstrators called for the urgent intervention of German government, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The demonstration on the streets was to draw attention of German people and the international community to the Iranian regime authorities which has sought to erase the Ahwazi’s Arab identity by arbitrary arrests, brutally tortured and executions of Ahwazis.

The protest rallies were held in different cities around the World, such as Berlin – Germany, London – England, Canberra – Australia and The Hague – Netherlands.