Ahmedabad Ayub lynching : Mother Thanks Siasat Readers for their Generous contribution of 9.95 lakhs

Siasat readers contribute 9.95 lakhs to Ayub’s family

Ayub’s family purchased 2BHK house with 8.50 lakhs donated by the generous Siasat readers

Ahmedabad: In a turbulent atmosphere where every other day, in one or other part of the country, a Muslim is being killed in the name of Protection of cow by these self proclaimed ‘Gau-Rakshaks.’

Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri lynching, Pehlu Khan in Alwar, Junaid Khan in Haryana and Ayub Mev in Ahmedabad, all these are the innocent people who died in the hands of Gau Rakshaks.

Ironic is that, Government has not only given free hand to these Gau Rakshaks but also selectively discriminated in providing compensation to the victims. Dadri lynching accused Ravi died due to Kidney failure, and the government was swift in its response in providing compensation of Rs 10 lakh for the family. Later increased the amount to Rs 20 lakh and promised a job to one of the family members.

On the other hand, Victim Mohammed Akhlaq and his family are branded as cow smugglers.

This is not the only case where there has been selective discrimination. Even the political parties also discriminated in showing their solidarity with the victim’s family, leave alone compensation.

On September 13, 2016, Ayub Mev from Ahmedabad was brutally attacked with iron rods by the Gau Rakshaks and on September 16, he succumbed to his injuries and breathed his last. This was the day when PM Modi was celebrating his birthday, on the other hand Ayub has left his wife, children and parents permanently. The government did not show any interest in providing compensation to the family.

Is it because Ayub was a Muslim?

The same Gujarat government was quick enough in providing compensation of lakhs of rupees to the patwars who were killed during the Patidar movement.

Is it not the discrimination practiced by the State which has to treat everyone as equal?

It is not the state which has stood with Ayub’s family, but common people like us who came forward and generously donated to the family to support them monetarily.

With the appeal of Siasat daily Managing Director Zaheeruddin Ali Khan and Editor-in-chief Zahed Ali Khan, donations from Arab countries, Europe and America poured in to help the bereaved family.

On January 28, 2018, Ayub’s wife was married to Ayub’s brother Arif.

Initially, deceased Ayub’s wife Sarina Bano was reluctant to marry but after the family convinced her she agreed to marry Ayub’s brother Arif.

Among the generous people who came forward to donate include JamiatUlema Hind which has contributed 25000, Councilor Taufiq Khan donated Rs 1 lakh, Kutch Muslim community gave a financial assistance of Rs 80000, former legislator Sabir Kabiliwala donated two second hand auto rickshaws.

The major donation aid came from Siasat Urdu Daily newspaper based in Hyderabad. A joint account in the name of Sarina Bano and Ayub’s mother Meeraj Bano has been opened so that generous and kind hearted people donate to the Ayub’s family and help them in living a secured and dignified life.

With the help of Siasat readers, Ayub’s family has purchased 2 bedroom house for 8.50 lakhs.