Ahmed Khalifa helps police catch man who attacked Jewish woman

Brooklyn: Showing amazing bravery, Ahmed Khalifa, a Muslim teenager from Brooklyn helped police catch the man who punched an Orthodox Jewish woman on the subway.

Eyewitness News quoted Khalifa as saying, “She was dressed, like religiously, you could just tell she was Jewish, and I’m Muslim. And people were just confused like, you just helped a Jewish lady, like wow, it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s Jewish, I just helped a lady.”

Khalifa, a Flatbush resident, was riding the Q-train when he saw 31-year-old Rayvon Jones smack an Orthodox Jewish woman in the face who was sitting near him.

The Muslim teen of Sudani origin followed Jones about five blocks from the Newkirk Plaza Subway Station in Flatbush, first on foot and then in a car with an Orthodox Jewish man who offered to help in the chase.

After spotting Jones, they called police who arrested him at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue M.

Jones faces a number of charges including assault, harassment and menacing.