Ahmadabad start-ups shortlisted for funding at FundTonic start-up showcase

New Delhi : FundTonic, a fin-tech company, which aims to revolutionize the entire start-up ecosystem, organized their first Start-up Showcase at Ahmadabad today. Out of hundreds of start-ups, four were shortlisted by about 75 investors that were present for the event.

Some of the prominent personalities of Gujarat that were present were Vimal Ambani, Savan Godiawala, Bharat Patel, Pavan Bakeri, Sunil Parekh, Jigish Doshi, Jatin Trivedi, Sunil Shahand many more. Some of the shortlisted start-ups were Yolo Health, Trukky, BookMyStorage.com.

“Today, Gujarat has an entrepreneurship supporting government; the state has one of the best educational institutes and there are lots of people with entrepreneurial spirit. However, the success rate of start-ups in Gujarat is quite low, due to lack of curated guidance. I am glad that through this showcase, we were able to bring Gujarat’s most eligible start-ups and potential investors on the same stage and took the first step in revitalizing the eco-system here,” Co-Founder FundTonic, Bhavin Parikh.

To show support to FundTonic’s efforts, Sunil Shah, Chairman, Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS) said, “As a rising state, we need innovation for long-term sustainability. Having insufficient funds can hamper the innovation and growth of any business. I am glad through FundTonic potential start-ups and investor community will work towards achieving innovative and disruptive solutions for Gujarat’s growth story.” (ANI)