Ahead of MP polls, locals oppose caste-based reservation

Bhopal: Ahead of assembly elections in the state, residents in Bhopal have registered protest against caste-based reservation by putting up posters outside their houses asking political parties to not seek votes from people belonging the ‘general category’.

The poster further urges people to choose the NOTA (None Of The Above) option in the upcoming polls.

The posters read: “I belong to general category. Political parties, be kind enough to not embarrass me by asking me to vote for you. Vote for NOTA.”

Urging the government to address this issue and scrap caste-based reservation, a resident told ANI, “We expected more from both the Centre and state government in terms of work they have done to address the issue related to caste-based reservations.”

She further claimed that those belonging to the general category are worst affected by reservations. “The worst affected are our kids, who are often denied an equal opportunity when it comes to getting admission in schools, colleges or getting jobs. Even these people (Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes category) are often exempted from giving examinations. This is affecting people who are from the general background. It is high time that the government addresses the issue,” said the woman resident.

Another resident said that people belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) should be given financial help instead of quotas in education and jobs.

“Help them financially instead of giving them so many benefits. For instance, a general candidate student, even if he fares well in his school examinations, is often ignored, while the other student, who has scored less but belongs to SC/ST category, is given the opportunity,” said the local.

The resident, Sudhir Sharma, further added that political parties use the issue for political gains in elections.

“This is unfortunate, but, the political parties also use this as an opportunity to win elections. Many aggrieved voters will avail the NOTA option instead of casting their votes for any particular party,” he stated.

Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections will be held on November 28 to elect representatives of the 230 constituencies in the state.