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Ahead of GHMC poll, Akbar Owaisi pumps-up ISIS balloon

Ahead of GHMC poll, Akbar Owaisi pumps-up ISIS balloon

Hyderabad: MIM legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi hit at Hindu Swabhimaan Sangathan’s ‘dharma sena’ in Uttar Pradesh who is all set to wage war against the so called ISIS.

As per Times of India reports, at a public meeting in Riyasat Nagar for the upcoming GHMC poll, Akbaruddin said that the right-wing outfit armed with swords and rifles giving training to around 15,000 soldiers to fight against ISIS but the real intention behind the training was to kill innocent Muslims.

“ISIS is just a pretext. The reality is that these people, in the upcoming UP elections, want to create a wall of hatred between Muslims and Hindus. They want the mass killing of Muslims. They want to grab power in UP (sic),” Owaisi added.

The trainees enlisted children soldiers as young as 8 years old were being trained how to use swords and firearm, claimed Owaisi.

Would the Government tolerate him if he forms a “Tanzeen” (group) to fight against ISIS, questioned Owaisi.

“The police will put me and the others in jail. Will action not be taken against them (Dharma Sena)? Where are they taking the country? They are taking the country towards destruction,” he said.