General Elections 2019: “Politics of hate” peaks ahead of polls

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 2014 wave of popularity receding, polls show the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party may fall short of a full majority in next year’s federal election, prompting the country’s opposition parties to put aside their ideological differences and unite.

While the opposition unites to target the Modi government for the inefficiency in their performance in terms of development, education, starvation, unemployment and many other such issues the leaders also tend to wake up with a new idea of staying in the headlines.
Well yes, this happens to be that of the hate speeches and filthy comment on each other. Both the ruling and the opposition party seems to be targeting each other not for the sake of development but for making it to the headlines, with some kind of senseless statements.

Be the Hindu- Muslim violence or the safety of cow, the politician may at times, not comment on the cruelty happening with human but will make it a point to assure that the cows are safe and raise their voice for it.
Neither the law nor the constitutional ethics seem to be making any difference. When an innocent loses her life just because of someone else’s inhuman desire, the cast is made the priority. When a soldier loses his life at the border the religion is what they talk about, they want to be the ones who will decide what is kept in some ones freezer, or what colour of cloths do we ware, nationality these days is judged on the bases of which party do you support.

If someone shows the guts to speak against the government, they are anti-nationals, if they don’t they are cowards. This game is been played in the country for quite some time now and the rules seem to be circulated among all the other leaders too, hence everybody now wants to be in the headline.

Now the question arises, Is India really so unsafe and the laws so week that the people have lost trust in the jurisdiction, or the fear of being punished has vanished away from their mind. Well this seems so, with the increase in mob lynching, abusing, rapes, killings, hate crime and what not. And what does these politicians do, they blame.
They blame the other party, they blame the cast, they blame the religion, and the victims are further victimized by not letting them forget the horror they have been through. By each and every time taking them back to the same ugly situation they have been trying to come out of.

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”
― Groucho Marx
The above saying by Groucho Marx very well suits the current situation in India, as this is what India is currently going through. Where people are killed for practicing their fundamental rights, given to them by the constitution of India. A pathetic situation where people like Akhlak Ahmad are killed for eating what they like to. Women are brutally raped, dragged and burnt for the biggest mistake they did, which was to be born as a girl. They are killed for speaking their heart out, they are killed for raising their voice against injustice.

The sad reality is, people are given health cards, but there are no hospitals. They are promised education but there are no schools and colleges. They are promised employment but there is no source. The elders are assured pensions on the same ground where the retired army men have been lathi charged for asking their rights, minor girls are raped for months together in the name of safe homes, couples be the victims of someone else’s anger for getting married against their religion, which indeed is a constitutional right. The biggest democracy in the world has become a sad reality which cannot be denied

The biggest tragedy is that the constitution, the jurisdiction and the law have become a puppet in the hands of a few politicians.
In March 2017, the Law Commission, led by former Supreme Court judge, Justice B.S. Chauhan, recommended inserting two new provisions in the IPC, including speech that instills “fear or alarm” in the listeners, probably goading them to violence.

The Commission defines hate speech as an “incitement to hatred primarily against a group of persons defined in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief and the like”. Thus, “hate speech is any word written or spoken, signs, visible representations within the hearing or sight of a person with the intention to cause fear or alarm, or incitement to violence.

Though there are so many laws coming into force, there seems to be no change in the behavior of the people. This certainly is not limited to the people and their religion, there is look out for religion even in the Heritage of the Nation. Taj Mehal, Something that India is known for, which is the history of the country for more than 700 years is all of a sudden taken out off the history, by a criminal who happens to be the CM of UP, only because he feels that it is a sign of slavery.

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Whereas another leader asks them to demolish Taj Mehal, just because it doesn’t fit into their priority box. Azam Khan from samajwadi party wants not just Taj Mehal but all the other monuments to be demolished that reminds them of slavery, which include Lal Qila, parliament, Agra fort, Rashtrapati bhavan, Qutub Minar . It is certainly a matter of concern that the heritage, will not continue to be the same just because someone feel it was built by a muslim and it doesn’t deserve to be called a heritage.

Recently, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) triggered another controversy by proposing Shariat Courts in districts of the country. It may be mentioned that such courts already exist in the country, then there no need to raise this issue. Raising such issues directly or indirectly promotes politics of hate in the country.

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They are people who look at things only for their political benefits, the nearing of general election in the year 2019 have made it mandatory for all the leaders to stay in the headline to survive in the party, following which their desperation for power is coming out in the form of senseless and filthy statements. While Raja Singh asks the Government to shoot the Rohingyan muslims, and now the Bangladeshi’s, Asaduddin Owaisi tells he will force Hindu’s to grow beard. With all these statements following each other in a very timely manner, they may be a planed one we believe.