Agra: Hindu-Muslim teen couple set themselves on fire

Agra: Dejected by the parent’s refusal on their alleged relationship, a teenage Hindu-Muslim couple set themselves ablaze in Agra.

The young couple, identified as Sonu Mohammad and Sheelam Kumari, locked themselves in a room, latched the door from inside and set themselves ablaze. The couple has shocked investigating officers and families by taking the extreme step.

According to a Times of India report, the boy and girl studied in the same school. Mohammad and Sheelam, a year junior to him, fell for each other but their families were against their “affair”.

Sheelam was forcibly married off to a man from Kuberpur, Agra on May 9. Saurab, Sheelam’s younger brother, said, “On Friday evening, around 7.30pm, didi came from Kuberpur and looked happy. But around 4.30 am, she was found dead along with Sonu in his room.”

“Around 4 am, I saw flames coming out of Sonu’s room. I rushed towards the room and saw their charred body lying on the floor. The entire room was on fire. The police came after an hour and broke the wall of the room; Sonu’s brother was quoted as saying.

Families of both the victims have refused to lodge any complaint and the bodies have been sent for autopsy.