After WhatsApp, unsend your messages on Facebook Messenger soon

New York : The Urban Dictionary defines the term Text Regret as the “sending of a text and immediately regretting that you ever wrote the text in the first place”. And now, social media giant Facebook in several months will make available to its users a feature that will save them from this regret.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook plans to launch an “unsend” feature, in several months and has already been considering how to build the product.

On a related note, it was earlier reported that the social media platform had retracted Facebook messages sent by its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and a few other executives from their recipients’ inboxes.

Three sources had confirmed to TechCrunch that old Facebook messages they had received from Zuckerberg had disappeared from their Facebook inbox, while their own replies to the co-founder had conspicuously remained.

The company also said that it won’t unsend or retract any more of Zuckerberg’s messages, until the feature is made available to the larger audience.

Facebook’s subsidiary and instant messaging platform WhatsApp rolled out a similar feature called ‘Delete for everyone’ in November 2017. (ANI)