After Trump popped up when searched for ‘idiot’, Google search for ‘bhikari’ shows Imran Khan

Islamabad: Few days after Donald Trump’s picture appeared when people searched for ‘idiot’ on Google, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared when searched for term ‘bhikari’ (Beggar). According to ‘Latestly’, on Friday, when People searched for Beggar in Urdu, photos of Imran Khan began to appear. Pakistan government has sniffed a big conspiracy against them. A complaint has been made by the Pakistani government with the Google.

A resolution was also passed in Pakistan Punjab assembly to summon Google chief executive officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai seeking explanation on the issue. Action has also been demanded.

Earlier the Google had explained US Congress that Google works on Algorithm and collects data from millions of websites based on 200 factors which include popularity, relevance, how others are using the search term, hence the picture of Trump popped up when people searched for ‘idiot’. The same phenomena must be working for the search of ‘bhikari’.