After “Trump Baby”, Protesters set to fly Blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan in Bikini

Critics of London Mayor Sadiq Khan have been given permission to fly a giant balloon over London that depicts him dressed in a bikini over Parliament Square on Saturday.

Yanny Bruere, an organizer through the Crowdfunder website has raised more than 58,000 pounds for the 29-foot (8.8-meter) blimp as part of a campaign to oust Khan from his post.

Last month Mayor Sadiq he allowed a balloon caricaturing Donald Trump as an angry baby to float above the city while the US president was in England which angered some people in the British capital.

About 3,400 people have pledged around $75,000 so far to an Internet group – “Make London Safe Again” – to fly the 29-foot-long balloon, according to the Crowdfunder page.

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