After appeal by Siasat and Faiz-e-Aam, philanthropists donate Rs 47 lakh to families of victims of crime

Hyderabad: Everyone could not help the needy in the hour of crisis. However, there are some people who are blessed by Allah (SWT) who come forward to help the poor, oppressed and victims of communal violence in the need of hours.

In this regard, Hyderabadi residents and expatriates are well blessed. They always come forward to help the poor and suppressed persons in India.

The editor of Siasat Daily Zahid Ali Khan through the news articles highlights the victims’ sufferings to the readers of Siasat across the globe. In the same way, Faiz e Aam Trust led by Iftekar Hussain receives grants from its donors from India as well as from foreign nations.

Last week Zahid Ali Khan and Iftekar Hussain made an appeal to philanthropists to help the wife and the three daughters of Ashraf Ali (34) who died after three miscreants intentionally crushed him under their car in Kanpur. The bank account number of Ashraf Ali’s wife was also included in the article so that the donors can deposit the money directly in her account.

By the grace of the Allah, in a week’s time over Rs.9 lakhs were deposited in the bank account of Ashraf Ali’s wife.

It has to be recollected that Ashraf Ali worked as a battery mechanic in Kanpur. Three persons had started a fight with him for a minor reason and then crushed him under their car.

Similarly, Zahid Ali Khan and Iftekar Hussain had appealed philanthropists to help a 17-year-old Faisal’s family in Uttar Pradesh. Faisal was beaten to death for selling vegetables in front of his home by the police officials.

The bank account of Faisal’s parents has been credited with Rs.38 lakhs by the people of Hyderabad, readers of Siasat daily and the donors of Faiz e Aam Trust.

Zahid Ali Khan, Iftekar Hussain and the Siasat Millat Fund have wholeheartedly appreciated the donors for their generous contributions and said they salute the Hyderabad origin people who have pure intentions of helping other people in grief times.