After #MeToo, Bengaluru NGO starts #MenToo

Bengaluru: An NGO based in Bangalore has come out with a new campaign called #MenToo urging men to speak out against women harassing with false accusations.

According to IBTimes, Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting (Crisp), a group of 15 members launched the campaign last weekend in Bengaluru.

National President of Crisp, Kumar V Jahgirdar said men also need a platform to address women’s atrocities and clarified that the #MenToo campaign is not to be taken as a counter to #MeToo.

“There is real pain among men… They are also suffering, but they are not coming out in the open against women and their misdemeanours,” he said.

“We make laws to protect women. That is fine, but let us not forget half of humanity are men,” he added.

Crisp also includes former French diplomat Pascal Mazurier, who was accused of raping his then three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. However, in 2017, the French diplomat acquitted of all charges absence of lack of enough evidence.