After Madhuri M.F. Hussain turns to Deepika

Mumbai, August 31: The gorgeous actress of Bollywood “Madhuri Dixit” made millions of men bold over round the world. Of course the most famous of all was the extraordinarily celebrated canvas artist “M.F. Hussain”.

The painter was head over heals in love with the beauty of the beautiful actress that he made her paintings galore. There was a time when the artist was said to be mad for her. But now the time has changed and so has Mr Hussain, Yes, the artist has turned “Deepika Padukone’s” way and he is now going to make portraits of her.

Well, seems as if the artist’s heart is growing young as his age is declining. God forbids Deepika as the list of her fans is increasing swiftly. Believe it or not but M.F. has got great pair of eyes.