After liquor, Bihar bans ‘pan masala’ as well

Patna:┬áKeeping in mind health concerns, the Bihar government on Friday put in place a ban on ‘pan masala’, which, however, will be applicable for one year.

Bihar Food Safety Commissioner Sanjay Kumar said: “Total 12 companies in the state have been totally barred from production, storage, transportation, exhibition and sale of ‘pan masala’ either in packed or loose form for next one year from today”. 

An order issued by the Health Department said that under the Indian Constitution, any state government can ban the consumption of products that are injurious to people’s health to provide them a nutritious and healthy lifestyle. 

The Food Safety Commissioner has invoked a ban on different ‘pan masala’ manufacturing companies following orders issued by the Chief Secretary in a meeting held on July 5.

The ban has come into force after magnesium carbonate was found in ‘pan masala’ samples taken from different districts of Bihar. 

Magnesium carbonate can cause various heart diseases. Under the Food Safety Act 2006, mixing magnesium carbonate in ‘pan masala’ is fully banned. 

Samples of other products have also been sent for scrutiny and suitable action would be taken following the report. 

The Bihar government banned the production and consumption of liquor in the state on April 1, 2016.