After Haridwar hate conclave, Yati to organise three similar events

Another shout for mass genocide titled “Dharam Sansad” was called out by the head priest of the Dasna temple Yati Narsinghanand and other Hindu regional leaders.

A total of three hate speech events are about to take place with one in Kurukshetra in Haryana, and two others in UP (Aligarh and Ghaziabad) to discuss the topic “Shastra meva jayate”.

Two days of mass genocide have been called out on January 1 and 2 in the coming year at Shiv Shakti Dham in Haryana. While there is no clarity on what these events will entail, the events are likely to be Hindutva and anti-Muslim in nature.

The call for “Dharam Sansad” comes mere days after a program was organised at Ved Niketan Dham at Bhopatwala in Haridwar between December 16 and 19. This event was also organized by Yati Narshinghanand where participants were seen making provocative and objectionable speeches against Muslims.

During his speech, Narsinghanand targeted Muslims and urged Hindus to take up weapons against them. He also called upon Hindus to ensure that a Muslim didn’t become the Prime Minister in the next elections.

A participant from Dharma Sansad, Anand Swaroop said, “We stand by our statements that are well thought out. If a person rapes our sister, won’t we kill him? Speakers talked about killing such persons, not ordinary Muslims who are our friends. No one can stop India from becoming Hindu Rashtra”.

The video of the Haridwar event came out later on social media. The Uttarakhand Police has filed an FIR under Section 153A (promoting enmity between different groups and acts prejudicial to harmony) against Waseem Rizvi aka Jitendra Tyagi and others who were speakers and participants of the event.

The case is being investigated by a sub-inspector rank police officer of Kotwali police station.