After Google, Microsoft to encrypt data across networks to thwart govt. snooping

After Google and Yahoo, Microsoft is reportedly set to encrypt all the data flowing through its networks in a bid to thwart government surveillance.

Following revelations by NSA whistleblower about the US’ alleged mass surveillance programmes, tech companies are facing fire from consumers and investors for not addressing privacy, which in turn has prompted them to install higher encryptions on their data flowing channels.

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said that the company is alarmed by recent allegations of a broader and concerted effort by some governments to circumvent online security measures, legal processes and protections to surreptitiously collect private customer data, News24 reports.

Smith said that Microsoft has decided to expand encryption across its services and is also enhancing the transparency of their software code, making it easier for customers to reassure themselves that their products do not contain back doors.

He further said that despite there being no direct evidence that customer data has been breached by unauthorized government access; they don’t want to take any chances and will pursue a comprehensive engineering effort to strengthen the encryption of customer data across their networks and services. (ANI)