After encroaching Lodhi graveyard, CRPF takes over Lal Masjid; stops prayer

New Delhi: After occupying the Lodhi graveyard, CRPF occupied the masjid as well on Tuesday evening. CRPF alleged that the masjid does not belong to Waqf Board and the court has ordered it to occupy the place. CRPF denied offering of Maghrib and Isha prayers. It covered the masjid from all sides. Locals fear that the masjid may be demolished.

On receipt of information, Waqf Board Chairman Amanatullah Khan reached Lal Masjid. He staged a dharna in protest and said that he will not leave the place until the masjid is not vacated.

Despite stay order by the High Court, last year on February 26 itself the force had run a bulldozer and razed toilets, shrines and other structures. Earlier in on July 21, 2017, also CRPF had run the bulldozer on the land.

It must be noted that the High Court had stayed the case in 1998. Again the stay order was taken from the High court. Since the stay order of the court no demolition activity was undertaken but last year all of a sudden the officials of CRPF and other agencies were deployed around the masjid and the structures located around the masjid were demolished.

The masjid and graveyard are nearly 200 years old. The graveyard has graves of freedom fighters too.