After Bihar, human corpses float, pile up at Ganga bank in UP

New Delhi: A day after bodies of suspected Covid patients washed up on banks of Ganga in Bihar’s Buxar, some unidentified corpses were found floating in the Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

The local administration has initiated the probe.

“Our officers are present on the spot to investigate and ascertain where they came from. A probe into the matter is underway,” MP Singh, Ghazipur’s District Magistrate told ANI.

The local people, traumatised by the sight of floating human bodies in the Ganga, fear spreading of diseases in the area, which has not been spared by the ravaging Covid pandemic.

They complained of stench coming from the bloated, decomposed corpses and accused the authorities of ineptitude.
“We informed the administration about the matter, but no action has been taken by them. If the situation continues like this, there is fear of us getting infected by Coronavirus,” Akhand, a resident, told ANI.

The incident of floating and piling up of corpses in Bihar sparked fears about the scale of the Covid crisis in the country. Authorities believe the relatives of those succumbed to the virus, may not have been able to find space for the last rites.

Union Minister of Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Tuesday termed the incident as “unfortunate” and asked concerned states to take immediate cognizance.

“The incident of corpses found floating in Ganga in Buxar region of Bihar is unfortunate. This is definitely a matter of investigation. The Modi government is committed to the cleanliness ‘mother’ Ganga. This incident is unexpected. The concerned states should take immediate cognizance in this regard,” Shekhawat tweeted.