For Africans mask is another fashion accessory

Africa: Due to coronavirus pandemic which has claimed lives of many people across the globe, people are forced to wear mask while stepping out of their residence.

However, Africans have turned compulsory masks into a fashion accessory. They are wearing colourful masks that matches with the colour and design of their dresses.

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Talking to media person, Sefiya Diejomaoh, Fashion Designer said, “I have to maintain status quo and remain who I am despite the situation. Another thing is you have to cheer people, you know people going around in surgical masks are depressing, but when you come out with a stylish mask or with an accessory such as this, it does not seem as though we are fighting a war, it seems more fun”.

Another Fashion Designer, Sophia Zinga said, that at the beginning of the pandemic, she thought that it would last for maybe a few months but now she realized that wearing masks will be mandatory for another one or two years.

Apart from Africans, many citizens of other countries are also going for fashionable masks.