This African king is also a full time mechanic, rules via Skype

You may have come across several stories that are bizarre yet interesting. One such story is of an African king, Céphas Bansah, who is a full-time mechanic in Germany and rules his people in Ghana over Skype.

He governs his kingdom at Gbi in Eastern Ghana on the border of Togo, that consists of 300,000 Ewe people.

Grown up in Ghana, he shifted to Germany in 1970 after his grandfather, the then king, encouraged him to get training as a mechanic. When his training completed and he gained German citizenship, he settled there and opened his own garage in Ludwigshafen.

Céphas was asked to rule Hohoe after his grandfather died. As his father and elder brother both were left-handed, which Ewe people consider unclean, Céphas was made the king of Hohoe.

Settled in Ludwigshafen with his German wife Gabriele Bansah, 57, the couple has two children Carlo and Katharina.

Céphas works as a mechanic and governs his kingdom on Skype as well as via telephone calls. He also visits his country eight times a year.

Ghana is a democracy now, however, for the communities the kings are still important as caretakers for their people.